Accepting Online Payments

Using PayPal to Accept Online Payments

Arkansas Web Solutions recommends PayPal as an economical method of accepting online payments. PayPal does not have any periodic charges, unlike merchant accounts. PayPal takes a small percentage of each transaction as a handling fee. This handling fee is comparable to that charged to merchant account holders. PayPal accepts all major credit cards, debit cards, as well as other options such as e-checks.

AWS can add online payment capabilities to your current site, or we can integrate online payment into a new website. The cost of creating an online payment system with Paypal is $200.

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Using a Merchant Account to Accept Online Payments

While AWS recommends PayPal for most small online businesses, we recognize that some businesses will want their own merchant account. A merchant account is created through a third party company and allows your company to take credit card payments directly into your merchant account. Your company would then pay monthly merchant account fees. Integrating your merchant account into your website is the final step. This is done by creating a custom shopping cart. This solution is not recommended for small or medium sized online businesses, as it is complicated, time-consuming, and expensive. The cost of setting up a merchant account solution is $1500. Monthly fees payable to the merchant bank as well as transaction fees will be the responsibility of your business.

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